How To Connect With A Girl Online Without Appearing Obsessed

Just like in the real world, there are places online where it’s appropriate to connect with the intent of dating,  and places where it isn’t.

For example, online dating platforms and social media sites are fair starting points. Massive multi-player games and non-dating topic forums are usually not.

  • If she feels startled or distracted by your approach, it’s creepy.
  • Don’t start a conversation with a girl online that’s going to make her feel ambushed!
  • Never “hit on” girls while they’re playing online games.

There are so many platforms on the web explicitly meant for socializing and dating, don’t waste your time trying to pick up a girl in a forum or game or any other places not made for connecting.

To start a conversation with a girl online without being creepy, go where it is appropriate and acceptable to approach her. Just like a physical venue, choose suitable online platforms.

How To Start a Conversation With a Girl Online Without Being Creepy:

Just Ask

Now that you’re approaching her at the right place, start the conversation in the right tone.

Before you start flirting, ask if it’s okay. Gangster rapper Ice T gave us this great advice (and it works, he landed the gorgeous Coco Austin for a wife.) Ask before you flirt. Even if you’re trying to talk to a girl on a dating platform, ask her permission. Try these lines to break the ice:

  • Do you have time to talk?
  • Can I flirt with you?
  • Can I PM you?
  • I’d like to talk to you, will you be on here for a while?

By giving her an easy way out of a conversation before it even starts, your creep factor drops to zero. She’ll feel confident that you’re not planning on harassing her if she doesn’t like how the conversation goes.

Once she agrees that she is open to an advance, you can start the real flirting!

How To Start a Conversation With a Girl Online Without Being Creepy:

Classy Compliments

Let’s not beat around the bush here. When you’re scrolling through profiles, 90% of the attraction is visual. You’re not going to read the profile details if you’re not attracted to someone. We understand! Girls usually put a lot of effort into a selfie or online dating profile, and it’s okay to tell them how attractive they are. Just keep it classy!

Consider telling them:

  • You look amazing in your profile picture.
  • I think your hair is beautiful.
  • Your eyes are the prettiest shade of brown.
  • I like the outfit you’re wearing in your photo.

To start a conversation with a girl online without being creepy, don’t make certain types of comments about her body, or use slang. You know what we mean!

How To Start a Conversation With a Girl Online Without Being Creepy:

Always Be Truthful

We’ve mentioned this before, but be honest about yourself and your intentions  in your conversation. It’s tempting to embellish the truth or even tell an outright lie to be attractive, but this relationship will be doomed if you start it that way.

We’ve all heard the traditional dating advice: avoid conversations about religion and politics. But we live in a politically-charged environment right now. There’s a good chance a Democrat and Republican probably won’t get along well past a first date, so if political topics are important to you, go ahead and get that in the open.

  • The same can be said for religion. If your spiritual life or worship practices are a high priority, say so!

Other key points you should make (and not hide) are:

  • Your family status if you have children, or were previously married.
  • Any dietary issues that are important to you. If you’re keeping Kosher, or a dedicated vegan dater, be upfront about it.

How to End a Conversation With a Girl Online Without Being Creepy

Finally, let’s talk about the end of the conversation. Again, if you don’t want to seem creepy, give her the keys to the next steps. Consider these conversation closers:

  • I’ll be home all evening. Can I give you my phone number?
  • Can we talk again this time tomorrow?
  • Would you like to meet up in person? You pick the place!

Finally, know that online dating conversations are just as awkward for most girls. But by staying honest and giving her control, you’ll stay entirely out of creep-zone.

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