Confused On How To Start Your Healing Journey? Steps On How To Start Your Healing Journey In 2023

How To Start On Your Healing Journey In 2023?

Some ways in which you can start on the journey of forgiveness is by allowing yourself to face the trauma, and form and adhere to clear-cut boundaries. It helps to realise that the process of forgiveness can increase the pain for a bit, till it is faced and released.

Give yourself time to allow the full forgiveness to come through as and when it does, rather than insisting on it.

The full healing and letting go happens when we forgive ourselves fully. Holding ourselves responsible for whatever happened adds years to the actual moments of trauma. Looking back and judging ourselves for a previous incident doesn’t work. If you had known at that time what you know now in hindsight, things would have been different.

Take it a step at a time and let forgiveness be a part of the journey of your healing.

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