Confused About Where Women Intuition Come From? Positive Ways Woman Feel Intuition(2023)


You may be wondering, “Where does intuition come from?”

And, “How do I know if it’s my intuition talking or just my anxiety?”

This women’s instinct comes from a place of deep wisdom and understanding, which usually manifests as a physical sensation.

Here are some ways you may feel intuition in your body:

    • You may experience a temperature shift.
    • A tightness in your chest or throat may take over.
    • A tingling feeling could course down into your hands or arms.
    • The hairs on the back of your neck may stand up.
    • You may feel butterflies in your stomach.
    • You may get a headache or a dizzy feeling.

If you notice any of these physical sensations, it’s a good indication that your female intuition is trying to send you a message.

When you have an intuitive hit, it’s essential to pay attention and note what’s happening in your life.

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