Common Myths And Facts About Back Pain You Didn’t Know About In 2023

Common myths and facts about back pain

It is true that back pain can be frustrating and stressful for us. But not everything that you hear about it will come under facts. Here are some myths and facts:

1. Myth: Bed rest is best cure for back pain.

Fact: While rest can be helpful for short-term back pain, prolonged bed rest is not recommended, Dr Mohan tells Health Shots. Gentle movements, staying active and using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications are often more effective in relieving back pain.

2. Myth: Herniated discs or slipped discs always need surgery.

Fact: In a majority of cases, herniated discs improve on their own with non-surgical treatments such as reduced activity and anti-inflammatory drugs. Surgery is considered only when conservative treatments fail to provide relief or when severe neurological symptoms are present.

3. Myth: Being physically active prevents back pain.

Fact: Exercising and moving around are good for your health. Yes, regular exercise can strengthen your back muscles and improve flexibility, which may reduce the risk of back pain. However, it doesn’t guarantee immunity from back pain, as other factors like overexertion, spinal irregularities, and natural wear and tear can still contribute to back problems.

4. Myth: An injury is always to be blamed for back pain.

Fact: Most back problems develop gradually over time due to repetitive strain or poor posture. While injuries can cause back pain, they are often described as one-time events resulting from accidents, falls or improper lifting techniques.

5. Myth: Seeing a spine specialist means you’ll always have surgery.

Fact: The expert shares that not everyone with back issues requires surgery. Spine specialists explore various non-surgical treatments first and recommend surgery only when all other options have been exhausted.

So, instead of blindly following others, check with a doctor if your back pain refuses to leave your side.

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