Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Performing Pelvic Exercises In 2023

Common Mistakes While Doing Pelvic Floor Exercises You Should Avoid

Someshwar says that pelvic floor exercises are safe for everyone to do, as long as they’re done with the right technique.

Here are some common mistakes made by some women –

• Holding their breath
• Engaging and squeezing the wrong muscles
• Incorrect form
• Following a monotonous programme that doesn’t account for the progression
• Being impatient, inconsistent, and giving up before you see results.

If you have strong pelvic floor muscles, you can have increased sensitivity during sex. 

Here’s how to do it right –

• Ensure a neutral pelvic position
• Engage your core by pulling your belly button up towards your chest and back towards your spine without holding your breath
• Imagine that you’re wearing a tight corset or very tight high-waist pants or a zipped jacket that is two sizes small for you
• Now imagine that you want to use the washroom urgently but you have to control
• Make sure you have to exhale through your mouth gently like you are blowing a small candle every time you exert in an exercise.

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