Common Injuries To Look Out For During Your Maranthon(2023)

Common injuries to look out for

Here are some of the common injuries you should look out for, according to Dr  Rajat Chauhan.

1. Knee pain

One of the most common injuries people face during a run is knee pain. People who have been inactive for most of their life and suddenly decide to start running are the most vulnerable to knee pain.

2. Shin pain

Shin pain is also a very common injury that can occur when you try to build your distance too fast.

3. Heel pain

Medically known as plantar fasciitis, heel pain is another common injury people should look out for.

4. Lower back pain

When you land heavy, your back, knee, shin and heel – everything hurts. Hence, you should pay more attention to your running form and how you land.

5. Iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome

Iliotibial band or ITB is when the outside of the knee or the thigh pains. Stretching the ITB is the only way to strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility.

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