Coffee Face Mask: Effects Of Coffee Face Mask On The Skin (2023)

Effects Of Coffee Face Mask On The Skin (2023)

The benefits of DIY coffee scrubs in magazines, so when I chanced upon coarsely-ground coffee beans (thank you, oh mighty coffee maker), I thought: what’s the worst that could happen?

Coffee + yogurt = radiant skin
A common ingredient in eye creams,coffee is known for its anti-ageing,anti-inflammatory, and skin-calming benefits . Plus, the slight coarseness of the coffee grounds was perfect to gently slough off dead skin. To complement these qualities of trusted caffeine, I decided to throw in some curd into the mix.

Coffee and its antioxidants can keep premature ageing at bay. 

Bursting with lactic acid, yogurt or dahi for us desi kids, also combats dead skin by dissolving it—thus offering a luscious glow. Moreover, it also thoroughly moisturizes the skin. Not only that, both coffee and yogurt keep fine lines and wrinkles away and soften the skin.

The elixir that changed my skin
Once every week now, I make a yogurt-coffee (one tablespoon of dahi for every teaspoon of coffee) masque and apply it liberally on my cleansed face. After letting it dry, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes, I gently massage the paste with a little bit of water for about two to three minutes. Next, I wash it off with cold water (chilled water helps tame redness and shrinks pores). I follow it up with a toner (100% pure rosewater FTW), serum (fresh aloe vera gel), and regular-Joe moisturizer.

Since this masque came into my life six months ago, my skin is perpetually soft, bright, and mostly problem free. This masque also minimally helps with active acne, and you can add a pinch of turmeric for an extra shot of radiance. For a woman who’s been battling one skin concern or the other for over 13 years, this all-natural masque has given me results that the most revered bottled concoctions couldn’t.

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