Cobra Pose:Benefits And Steps On How To Do Cobra Pose(2023)

But that’s not all the cobra pose can do for you 
  1. This pose can help open up the chest while strengthening your spine and shoulder
  2. It can also help you reduce belly fat and tone your abdominal muscles
  3. It promotes better digestion and eases constipation
  4. This energizing backbend pose can also ease your back pain
  5. It targets your upper body and also reduces fat
  6. It improves the functioning of your reproductive system and can regulate your menstrual cycle
  7. Doing this asana regularly also improves blood circulation in the body
Here’s how you can do the cobra pose, the Malaika way:
  1. Start by lying down flat on your stomach
  2. Now keep your arms by the side of your chest, while keeping your hands (palms down) underneath your shoulders
  3. Stretch your feet, keeping them together, with your toes pointed out
  4. While inhaling, lift your upper body
  5. Gently arch your neck upwards and ensure that your stomach is pressed on the floor
  6. Hold the pose for 20-25 seconds
  7. Now exhale and slowly come back to the starting position
  8. Repeat 2 to 3 times

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