Clapping! Astonished Health Benefits Of Clapping(2023)

Here are 4 benefits of clapping your hands

1. It activates your energy chakras

The human body contains several energy points or centers, and clapping can help stimulate them.

“If you spend 10 to 15 minutes clapping your hands, you will be able to feel the energy passing through the seven chakras. This will activate these centers,” shares yoga expert, Grand Master Akshar with HealthShots.

2. Clapping can help in mental and physical stimulation

It is important for the mind and body to be strong, and clapping can be a very useful and effective way to strengthen the mind and the body. When you stimulate the physical and mental aspects through the activity of clapping early in the morning, it keeps you in a positive and upbeat mood throughout the day.

Muscle fatigue can hamper your productivity. Try doing clapping.

“This is an easy activity that can be done by anybody regardless of age and fitness level. Therefore, it is recommended to practice clapping your hands as part of your exercise routine,” says Grand Master Akshar.

Psychological and Behavioral Science International Journal also ratifies the mental health benefits of clapping. It suggests that ailments like stomach issues, neck, and lower pain, kidney, and lungs problems, etc. can also be relieved with the help of clapping.

3. It improves blood circulation

You can practice clapping your hands in seated positions such as vajrasana or sukhasana. It is advisable to perform this activity early in the morning; it can also be done by those who are overweight or suffering from chronic conditions, as they may not be able to involve themselves in any other form of physical exercise. So by clapping their hands, they can improve the blood circulation and thus be able to manage issues such as hypertension or hypotension.

4. It brings in positivity

“Across many cultures, clapping of the hands is considered to be a symbol and gesture for celebration, acknowledgment, praise, encouragement, and recognition. Even during the time of worship, there are certain people who practice singing hymns to the lord, and this is accompanied by clapping of the hands, which indicates a positive environment uplifting one’s energies and vibrations. Whether it comes to playing a sport or watching a performance, clapping is used to denote positive response,” explains Grand Master Akshar.

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