4 Perfect Christmas Set-up For 2023

However, if Jesus is who he claimed he was, then the Christmas story has everything to do with our lives now.[Tweet This: If Jesus is who … lives now.] We need to learn how to tell the story to our kids so that they are engaged and understand what it means for us.

The Story of Christmas tool will help you take your children on a journey to the heart of Christmas. The story has seven parts and takes place in seven locations. There are lots of ways you can use the story. We have listed some, but I encourage you to list your ideas in the comments below. Here are 4 ideas for using the Story of Christmas tool.

1. Use the Manger Scene

Use your own manger scene figures with the story, or cut out the figures we have provided.

2. Stage each part of the story in a different part of the house.

For example, the angel may have appeared to Mary in the kitchen. Today’s version of the manger could be the garage. The shepherds would be outside in the yard. King Herod would be in your best room.

3. Read one part of the story every night for a week before Christmas.

Or load up the camel (that would be you, Dad) and give the kids a ride from place to place all in one night.

4. Have the kids act it out.

Give each of the children a story figure to hold and allow them to act out the story as you read it.


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