Chivalry In Medieval Times

What is chivalry in medieval times?

Chivalry meant that a knight was loyal, courteous, protective, honorable, and gentle. He sought love and glory for his king and his lady. A few other traits were having courage and being humble, obedient, and chaste. They lived to serve their king and country and to defend the crown.

Knights who lived by the code of chivalry were to show self-control, respect for authority and women, and protect the innocent and unarmed. They were never to attack an unarmed foe, attack from behind, or use a weapon on an opponent that was not equal to the attack.

These knights were to administer justice, avoid cheating, lying, and torture, and avenge the wronged. They would never abandon a friend or noble cause or betray them. They were to exhibit manners, avoid deception, keep their word of honor, and die with valor.

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