How to Do Child’s Pose: A Mini Guide for 2024

Child’s Pose, known as Balasana in yoga, is a gentle and relaxing pose that is perfect for beginners or as a resting position during your yoga practice. It helps to stretch the back and neck while promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

Let’s go through the steps to get into Child’s Pose.

Steps to Perform Child’s Pose

1. Begin by kneeling on a yoga mat. Keep your hands and knees on the mat.

2. Put your knees wide on the mat.

3. Keep your feet together and place the tops of the feet flat on the floor.

4. Gradually place your belly between your thighs.

5. Rest your forehead on the floor. In case this is uncomfortable, use a block to rest your forehead on them. This position helps in relaxing the head and neck.

6. Allow your shoulders, jaw, and eyes to relax, releasing any tension.

7. Move your arms into any of the following positions:

Option 1: Stretch your arms forward, palms facing down.

Option 2: Place your arms alongside your thighs, palms facing up.

Option 3: For shoulder relief, stretch arms forward with palms up.

Option 4: Bend your elbows, join your palms, and rest your thumbs at the back of your neck. Inch your elbows forward for comfort.

8Stay in this position until it makes you feel uncomfortable, focus on your slow and deep breaths.

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