Cheating Men: Psychological Facts You Should Know About Cheating Men(2023)


Psychological Facts About a Cheating Man You Should Know About

So how does the psychology of cheaters work, and what should you know about an unfaithful partner?

Many things may go through the mind of a cheating man. Psychology plays a role, with elements of insecurity, self-perception, self-loathing, anger, and impulsivity.

But mental and emotional factors being in play do not excuse infidelity. Everyone is in control of their own actions. As the saying goes: these facts explain but don’t excuse.

Here are some things that can affect the psychology of a cheating man:

    • Many cheaters have low self-esteem (in other words, infidelity is because of the cheater, not their partner)
    • Infidelity can be a power play or a way of exerting control.
    • Unfaithfulness can be a way of avoiding working out relationship problems, especially ones that require self-reflection, communication, change, and vulnerability.
    • Affairs may be the result of intense emotion, especially anger or distress. Revenge cheating, for example, is a way of punishing a partner for problems in the relationship, real or imagined.
    • Infidelity involves playing the blame game, where the cheater blames their infidelity on anything but themselves — problems in their relationship, problems with their partner, or being “unable to resist.


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