Challenges Of A One Sided Open Relationship

Challenges Of a One-Sided Open Relationship

Let’s be real, there are pitfalls here that could turn your love story into a cautionary tale. Here are some things to consider.

1. Jealousy and Insecurity

Truth be told, jealousy is almost a given in a one-sided open relationship. It’s like the unwelcome guest at your dinner party that nobody invited but still shows up. If the word ‘FOMO’ sends shivers down your spine, brace yourself.

Thanks to social comparison theory, watching your partner cozy up with someone else can make you reevaluate your life choices faster than a TikTok video can go viral.

And let’s be clear: if you’ve already crowned yourself the ‘King or Queen of Jealousy,’ this relationship model might just be your royal mess.

Jealousy isn’t just a green-eyed monster, it’s more like an emotional siren that doesn’t just call sailors to their doom, but could also send your relationship crashing into the rocky shores of ‘We-Need-to-Talk’ Island.

2. Emotional Strain

Ever heard of the “negativity effect?” It’s the idea that bad experiences affect us more profoundly than good ones.

In a one-sided open relationship, the emotional toll of feeling secondary can overshadow any of the freedom or autonomy you might gain. One negative comment or awkward encounter could potentially set off an emotional domino effect.

3. Potential for Exploitation

Power dynamics play a significant role here. If one partner has more emotional or financial leverage, it could tilt the scales of the one-sided open relationship into exploitative territory. It might not be a Lifetime movie, but it’s definitely not a fairy tale either.

4. Time Management Woes

Having multiple relationships or connections requires some serious calendar juggling. The person engaging in external relations can find themselves swamped, leading to neglect of the primary relationship. Basically, too many dates, too little time!

5. Trust Erosion

The more complex a relationship structure, the more room there is for misunderstandings and betrayal, intentional or not. In a one-sided open relationship, trust can erode faster than a sandcastle at high tide if you’re not careful.

6. Social Stigma

As mentioned above, not everyone’s going to roll out the red carpet for your unconventional love story. From raised eyebrows to outright disapproval, you’ll need a thick skin to navigate the gamut of reactions from your social circle and family. But hold up, don’t let the side-eyes get you down. At the end of the day, the stars of this rom-com are—you guessed it—you and your partner.


What truly matters is your mutual understanding and agreement in your one-sided open relationship. It’s your love, your rules. So let the haters hate, while you focus on what makes your relationship work.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “So what’s the verdict?” Well, in the immortal words of every relationship expert ever, “It’s complicated.”

Here’s the deal: be as open-minded as a philosopher at a thought buffet, but also, tread carefully—this can be risky business. A one-sided open relationship is like skydiving. It’s exhilarating but not without its hazards. Make sure your parachute is well-packed, if you catch my drift.

You know how people say, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”? Well, in a one-sided open relationship, it’s actually about both. Your destination is your happiness, and the journey is how you navigate this unique relationship dynamic to get there.

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