7 Subtle Ways To Celebrate Literacy In 2023

Naija lovetips is raising awareness about the importance of reading to inspire students and families to make reading part of their daily routines. Literacy is very important for every one. Here are 7 creative ways to connect with your child through reading this week!

  1. Model good reading habits by reading to or alongside your child; parents set the stage for children to become better readers.
  2. Visit your local public library and help your child get a library card of their very own.
  3. Create a “reading nook” in your home where your child can read.
  4. Play rhyming games during a car trip or at home. Children will enjoy learning their own version of rhymes as you learned as a child as well as how spelling effects rhyming.
  5. Select a “word of the day” to add to your child’s ever growing vocabulary.
  6. Write out words with opposite meanings on separate pieces of paper and have your child match the paris together (i.e. huge-tiny).
  7. Play the “I Spy” game, looking for uppercase and lowercase letters.

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