Can’t Hold That Plank? 4 Reasons Why Your Body Is Giving Up In Seconds(2023)

1. Your arms might not be strong enough

Your arms need to be strong enough to hold your weight. In fact, your entire upper body should have the endurance to stay steady in the pose.

You need to have strong arms to pull-off a plank. 
2. You are not engaging your core

Your core is truly at the centre of making planks work. If you don’t engage it, holding a plank will be very difficult. So, keep it straight and tight. Don’t suck your stomach in because then you won’t be able to breathe but don’t leave it loose either. Engaging the core is something you’ll learn with practice.

3. You are not in the right position

Your shoulder blade and elbow should be in a straight line. Your upper body should be parallel to the ground, butt should be out, and legs should stay straight. You should try looking in the front or look down while keeping your neck straight

4. You’re holding your breath

If you are holding your breath then your plank will last only for 20 to 30 seconds. Your body needs oxygen to give you strength. Just focus on your breathing and you’ll notice that you’re able to hold the plank for a considerable amount of time.

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