Burpees: Common Mistakes You Are Making While Doing Burpees(2023)

Common mistakes that you are making while doing burpees

  1. Skipping warm-up: We know that burpee is a cardio routine that will burn your body. But what you are not thinking straight is that burpees are not just another exercise. They are high-intensity exercises that need a little bit of stretching and flexing. So skipping warm-up won’t let you go full throttle with it.
  2. Not stretching your legs back to the T: If you are doing burpees, you have to ensure that you follow the sequence properly and stretch every body part to the fullest. Only then you can reap the maximum benefits of it. If you are not stretching your legs to the fullest then it will not work on those muscles and then the whole effort will go in vain.
  3. Not dropping on the floor: This is a mandate if you are doing a full-burpee. Most of the people tend to cheat with their full-burpee and instead they do it half. Basically, when you do a full-burpee, you have to drop your body on the ground (which means you lie on the ground). Only if you do that then you can get the desired weight loss.
  4. Dropping your hip way too low: This is one of the most common mistakes that people do while doing a burpee. When they get down they drop their butt way too low which hampers the posture and can also lead to lower back pain. So avoid doing this.
  5. Letting your body lose: This is not just a burpee mistake but most of you might have been doing this mistake in many of your exercises and then blaming your body for not showing any results! If you get injured while working out, then the biggest reason is that you are letting your body loose. When it comes to burpees, you need to see that your arms are properly locked while you land, your core is engaged, your spine is straight, your neck is in line, and your legs are flexing properly. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is your landing. Most of you tend to land on your heels instead of your toes and this usually leads to injury as it affects your ankle. So, do keep a check on this.
  6. Maintain the speed: Remember you neither have to go too slow nor too fast. In both cases, you will not get the desired result. When you go too slow, then due to low intensity you need to lose weight. When you go too fast, you don’t maintain the body posture and hence the exercise doesn’t impact the areas it should and you can even have an injury. How to see whether your speed is right or not? Well, for that just see that all your postures are coming well at what speed. If the speed and postures match then voila you have found your stride.

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