Breastfeeding:Safety Of Breastfeeding After Cancer(2023)

Is it safe to breastfeed after breast cancer?

Defeating breast cancer, which caused 6,85,000 deaths globally three years ago, as per the WHO, is not easy. There is also a lot of follow-up care and monitoring after a successful breast cancer treatment. Being cancer-free, you might also start planning things like expanding your family. While there will be many to give you healthy pregnancy tips, you might have doubts about breastfeeding.

Dr Chaturvedi says it is safe to breastfeed after breast cancer if you are not on any hormone or oral chemotherapy. Of course, there might be some complications. A history of chemotherapy and hormone therapy intake might suppress milk production. The side which has undergone breast surgery and radiation might not be able to produce milk. Worry not, as breastfeeding might be successful from the other non-treated breast. The expert says there is no fixed time duration, but a gap of three months after cessation of treatment is safe to breastfeed your child.

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