Breastfeeding With Flat Nipples? 7 Helpful Ways To Make Breastfeeding Simpler(2023)


Wondering if you can breastfeed with flat nipples? The answer is yes, nursing is possible for mothers with flat or inverted nipples, says Dr Baliyan. It can be a bit difficult, but there are ways to make it simpler.

1. Breast compression

It can help to facilitate your baby’s ability to latch by gently compressing the breast behind the areola.

2. Breast pump

Before breastfeeding, using a breast pump might assist to draw out the nipple and make it more noticeable, says the expert. Breast pumps come in different types, including manual as well as electric breast pumps.

3. Nipple shield

To give your baby a more pronounced surface to latch onto, a nipple shield can be placed over your nipple. But speak to a lactation consultant before going for a nipple shield. If it’s not used correctly then you might hurt your breasts.

4. Fix your position

Lay back while breastfeeding as it will allow gravity to help to draw your nipple out. You just need to recline with your baby on top of you while feeding your child.

You can hold you breast while feeding your baby.

5. Stimulate your nipple

Coaxing your nipple out by gently stimulating it yourself is another way to ease breastfeeding. Try to roll your nipple between your finger and thumb. You can even touching your nipple with a cold and damp cloth.

6. Hold your breast while feeding

When you sit down to feed your child, hold your breast. This simple trick can make it easier to give your baby a good latch (differences between good and bad lush). You can create a C-shape with your hand so that you can control the movement of your breast. This way, you can easily guide your nipple toward your baby’s mouth.

7. Go to a lactation consultant

If you feel pain or have trouble producing sufficient milk for your baby, you can reach out to a lactation consultant. The expert can offer tips on breastfeeding with flat nipples and help you better.

So, while learning different breastfeeding positions for your baby, you can also try out these methods if you have flat or inverted nipples

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