7 Break Up brutally Honest Terms In 2023

Break up lines that are brutally honest cut right to the chase. These lines leave no doubts as to where things stand between you two. So if you’re looking to end things for good, here are some brutally honest break up lines you can use.

“I don’t like who I am when we’re together.”
Good partners will bring out the very best in you. This break up line implies that your partner is doing the exact opposite of that. It’s also pretty effective because there isn’t really a good counter argument for this.

“How can someone come back and say, ‘No, this angry and hurt version of you is the best version of you?’” Kevon Owen, relationship expert and clinical psychotherapist, says. “That doesn’t work.” That’s what makes this brutally honest line perfect.

“I’m just trying to do what’s right for me.”
Think of this is as the more direct version of, “It’s not you, it’s me.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t love your partner. It just says you love and value yourself and your needs more. It’s a good line to use when you and your partner are not on the same page.

“Most of us sugarcoat the truth in a break up and talk about how this is ‘better for both of us,’” dating coach, Connell Barrett says. “But owning up to the fact that this is about what’s best for YOU and not the other person, is bracingly honest.” It’s also a line that will help to reassure you that you’re making the right decision.

“Please don’t call me.”
An easy throwaway line people like to use to soften the blow is, “I hope we can still stay friends.” But if you’re really done with a situation, there’s no need to pretend otherwise. If you do, you’re only giving the person you’re dumping false hope. It may be painful to hear. But it’s in your best interest to just be direct about what you want moving forward. That way, you both can make a clean break and move on. Nobody is left hanging.

“I’m not in love with you anymore.”
Sure, it’s painful to hear. But this line is not only brutally honest, it’s also pretty kind. According to Barrett, beating around the bush and saying, “I still care about you, but I can’t be with you,” can be confusing. It can leave the other person feeling like maybe there’s a chance in the future. Telling them that the romantic love you felt is gone may be hard to do, he says, but it gives them “the gift of clarity.”

“When I envision my future, I don’t see you in it.”
Maybe you’re in two different places in your lives. Maybe there’s an incompatibility issue you don’t think will resolve itself over time. Regardless of the reason, this break up line says that you’re ready to move on. It’s also an honest and clear way to say you don’t believe this relationship is going to work out long-term.

“I’m still in love with my ex.”
According to Barrett, being honest doesn’t only mean calling out your partner on their issues or mistakes. It also means being self-aware enough to state your own flaws. Although this isn’t an easy one to hear, it’s honest and it’s on you. Your partner can walk away knowing that this had nothing to do with them. Sometimes that can really make a difference.

“I deserve better.”
Everyone deserves to be with someone who appreciates them and makes them feel loved. If your partner doesn’t make you feel that way, let them know. Telling them that you deserve better is honest and empowering. It’s line that reminds both you and your partner that you’re worthy and deserving of so much more.

As you can see, honesty is the best policy. But there is one thing to keep in mind. Being brutally honest doesn’t mean being hurtful. It means stating your truth in a way that’s clear and direct. There’s a difference between, “You’re a sucky person” and, “I don’t think you’re the right person for me.” After all, they’re still a person with feelings. So, be honest and direct. But most importantly, be nice.

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