Brain Exercise: 6 Brain Exercise For Sharper Memory(2023)

Brain exercises that may help boost memory, cognition, and creativity.

1. Meditation

Meditation usually involves focusing attention in a calm, controlled way. Meditating has multiple benefits for both the brain and the body. Meditation may benefit the brain by slowing brain ageing and increasing the brain’s ability to process information.

2. Visualization

Visualization involves forming a mental image to represent information. The mental image may be in the form of pictures or animated scenes. Those images that give a sense of happiness to be created in the mind. People can practice visualization in their day-to-day lives. For example, before cooking, people can visualize what they are going to cook, and imagine what ingredients they need to keep ready, how the dish is going to look and taste. The key is to imagine the scenes vividly and in as much detail as possible.

Crosswords and word games can be beneficial for your memory function. 

3. Practicing Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a popular activity that may stimulate the brain. Some researches show that the cross word puzzle may delay the onset of memory decline in people with preclinical dementia.

4. Playing chess

Research proves that chess and other cognitive leisure activities may lead to improvements in memory, executive functioning, which is the ability to monitor and adapt behaviour in order to meet set goals, information processing speed.

5. Exercising regularly

Regular physical exercise is beneficial for both the brain and the body. Exercise improves the following aspects of brain health:

* Memory
* Cognition
* Motor coordination

Embroidery and even dancing can help you improve your brain health. 

6. Dancing

Dance is a form of exercise that may also engage areas of the brain involved in rhythm and balance.

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