Boost Immunity: 5 Exercise To Help You Boost Immunity Against Coronavirus(2023)


Here are 5 types of low-impact physical activities you must do to keep yourself fit and your immune system strong:

1. Walking

Undoubtedly, walking has multiple health benefits when done regularly. It boosts immune function and can strengthen your body’s natural defence mechanism. Harvard Health Publishing mentions a study that found those who walked for 20 minutes every day were at a reduced risk of falling sick.

A longer and healthier life is just a 20-minute walk away. 
2. Side to side jumps

Isn’t it one of the easiest exercises? Add any variation of side-to-side jumps or movement to your fitness regime. Doing so can promote stability, coordination, and strength in your body. It also will have a great effect on the lymph (which contains antibodies) of your body. This simple exercise helps to maintain your immune system.

3. Squats

Squats, when done regularly, tone the legs, strengthen your core, and provide the glutes with a powerful workout. In addition, it can ensure your body stays physically strong by enhancing blood circulation.

4. Pilates

Pilates is great for flexibility and building strength. Turns out, this low-impact workout is great for the immune system too. Do you know that lymphatic and respiratory systems are crucial for your immune system? The rhythmic movements of Pilates stimulate blood flow and lymph flow which is necessary for a healthy immune system.

5. Classic Superman pose

The classic Superman exercise strengthens your lower and upper back. Try to hold the pose for 1 to 2 minutes for the maximum benefit. Do add this one also in your daily workout regime so you can improve your immune response, lower the risk of illness, and can reduce inflammation.

Make sure you do at least one of these exercises to stay healthy!

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