Bond! Ways To Develop Bond With Your Child Via Surrogacy(2023)

How to develop a bond with a child via surrogacy?

From the surrogate mother to the intended parents, an emotional transfer needs to take place to allow the baby to begin bonding with parents before and after he or she is born.

While some couples may genuinely be struggling with infertility for long, some may just choose to have a child via surrogacy just because. And it’s okay.

But if you fall in the former category, Rai suggests, “It is required for parents to address unresolved grief that comes from years of struggling with infertility ahead of time that will allow them to focus on caring for the child. Also, practicing empathy, as studies suggest, lowers stress, reduces pain, improves mental well-being and makes us feel more connected to others.”

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the surrogate mother, as it will develop your overall psyche towards the whole process.

“Attending doctor’s appointments, talking to the woman carrying the baby, building a relationship with her etc. will help in developing a sense of connection and anticipation for the child,” says Rai.

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