Body Shaming! 3 Side Effects Of Body Shaming On Your Mental Health(2023)

There are 3 ways in which body shaming can affect our mental health:
1. It can lead to depression

“The most common mental health concern currently is depression and body shaming is one of the leading causes of depression, especially in the younger demographic,” said Dr Pawar.

Body shaming results in negative body image which causes an individual to start hating his/her own body. This provokes them to hurt themselves, giving rise to suicidal thoughts.

2. Eating disorders are another setback

Body Shaming someone for their weight increases their risk of eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Body-shaming is a major psychological block in maintaining a healthy weight.

“The obese person who has been body-shamed tends to find comfort in binge-eating, resulting in further weight gain while underweight individuals who are body shamed for being skinny may experience a lack of appetite causing more weight loss,” she proclaimed.

3. Anxiety and lack of confidence is a common symptom

A person who experiences body shaming for a prolonged period of time develops a sense of self-pity, leading to lack of confidence. They see themselves as unworthy of happiness and respect, resulting in social withdrawal or complete isolation. If not treated in time, these people develop serious anxiety issues and even experiences panic attacks. This could also hamper their socio-economic status as they are unable to perform well in their careers due to constant anxiety and self-doubt.

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