Blocked Feminine Energy: Major Causes OF Blocked Feminine Energy(2023)


The suppression of your inner goddess is often a complex process shaped by numerous factors. Let’s shed some light on some of the key causes that can contribute to this blockage.

1. Societal Conditioning

We live in a world that often prioritizes masculine energy—assertiveness, ambition, rational thinking—over its feminine counterpart. This societal bias can subtly condition us to suppress our feminine energy, deeming it less valuable or even weak. Over time, this can lead to a blockage, causing us to lose touch with our emotional, intuitive, and creative sides.

2. Personal Traumas

Personal traumas or distressing experiences can have a profound impact on our energy dynamics. Particularly, events that make us feel unsafe or unloved can lead us to obstruct our female energy as a defense mechanism. By doing so, we might feel more in control, but in the long run, this could lead to energy imbalance.

3. Imbalanced Lifestyle

A lifestyle heavily skewed towards ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’ can result in tired female energy. Overworking, neglecting self-care, constant busyness, and a lack of time for introspection and creativity—all these can tip the scale, stopping the flow of this inner force.

4. Ignoring Emotional Wellbeing

Emotions are closely tied to the feminine spirit. Neglecting emotional well-being—bottling up emotions, not dealing with emotional pain, or disregarding emotional needs—can all contribute to blocking the feminine within us. Emotional health is key to a balanced energy state.

These factors aren’t exhaustive, and everyone’s experience is unique. Understanding these causes can be a crucial step toward unblocking your sacred feminine power, paving the way for increased self-awareness, self-love, and holistic health.

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