Best Medical Colleges In USA (2023)

One of the most rewarding and noble professions is of a medical practitioner. The kickstart of this journey is of the essence, and that begins with choosing a medical college. The best medical colleges constitute the ones that are fueled by funding, cutting-edge resources and technology, brilliant faculties, and an age-old name for producing some of the most renowned doctors across the globe. These schools funnel medical professionals who are strongly keen on making a significant contribution to the field of medicine. In the US, the field of medicine is pursued as a post-graduation program (Doctor of Medicine). An international student, for example, an Indian student who wants to pursue MBBS USA, will have to fulfil the required criteria for a pre-medical school to get enrolled. Let us learn more about the best Medical colleges in USA via this exclusive blog!

List of Best Medical Colleges in USA

Among the 50 top medical colleges in the world, 18 exist in the USA. Further among the global top 100 medical colleges, 30 belong to the country, according to the annual QS Global Rankings of 2021 for the field of medicine. Given below are the top Medical colleges in the USA which are also in the list of top 10 Medical universities in the world:

Harvard University / Harvard Medical School

The QS ranking of Harvard Medical School is 1. The prestigious school offers one of the best medical programs in the world for the fifth consecutive year in 2021. It offers two post-graduate degrees and two PhD Degrees. Harvard Medical School holds pride in funnelling some of the brightest minds into the field of Medicine. The University is known for its reputation, prestige, rewarding student-life experiences, etc. Harvard graduates’ alumni include eight US presidents, a number of Nobel Prize laureates, Olympic Games winners, renowned scientists, and many more.  Therefore, it is the best medical college in the USA and the world.

Standford University, School of Medicine

The Stanford University School of Medicine holds the fourth ranking on the QS Global Rankings among the 600 medical colleges across the globe. Located in the heart of Northern California, Silicon Valley, Stanford University has one of the largest university campuses in the USA. Stanford University School of Medicine offers one undergraduate degree, two post-graduate degrees, and one PhD degree.

Johns Hopkins University

The School of Medicine at John Hopkins University ranks fifth on the QS Global Rankings. Established in 1876, it was the first private research university in the United States. At The School of Medicine at John Hopkins University, students can pursue a traditional M. D., a Ph. D. or both degrees in a term of eight years. This medical college in the USA also offers dual degree programs through other university departments, for example, an M. D. / M. P. H. (Master of Public Health) or an M. D. / M. B. A. The students are divided into one of the four medical colleges, viz. Nathans, Sabin, Taussig, and Thomas. To date, John Hopkins University has produced 27 Noble laureates, including the former US president, Woodrow Wilson.

University Of Californa, Los Angeles

The David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles has a seventh place on the QS Global Rankings for best medical schools. The medical college offers three post-graduate degrees and two doctorate degrees. The curriculum of the medical college is divided into three segments: – Human Biology and Disease, Core Clinical Clerkship, and 4th Year Colleges.

Do you know it is compulsory for prospective Medical students to go through a mandatory entrance exam? The name of the exam is MCAT and you will have to take it, in order to study in any of the top Medical colleges in the USA!

Yale University

Founded in 1701 by English Puritans, Yale University is one of the oldest institutions for higher education in the United States. It is a member of the prestigious group of Ivy League Schools. The School of Medicine at Yale University provides two undergraduate degrees, two post-graduate degrees, and two doctorate degrees. Students can pursue dual degree programs like M. D. / M. B. A through Yale School of Management or M. D. / M. H. S (Masters of Health Science) in this medical college.

Apart from Medical colleges in USA, there are various other colleges across the world that are proficient in medical studies. Read our blog on the basic countries for MBBS

University of California, San Francisco 

The School of Medicine at The University of California ranks tenth on the Global QS Rankings. It offers one undergraduate and one post-graduate degree. It is one of the best medical colleges for Research.

Best UG Medical Colleges in USA

Name Of UniversityProgramDuration
University of WashingtonBsc4 years
MITBSc4 years
John Hopkins UniversityBSc4 years
University of California-Los AngelesBSc4 years
University of California- San FranciscoBSc4 years

Best Medical Colleges in USA for PG

Name Of UniversityProgramDuration
Harvard University/Medical SchoolMD5 years
Stanford UniversityMD6 years
Johns Hopkins UniversityMD 4 years
University of California-Los AngelesMD4 years
Yale UniversityMD4 years
University of California- San FranciscoMD4 years

MCI-Approved Medical Colleges in USA

  1. Harvard University
  2. New York medical college
  3. Case western reserve university
  4. University of Minnesota
  5. Johns Hopkins
  6. University of Massachusetts
  7. University of Chicago
  8. University of North Carolina
  9. University of Texas
  10. Emory university

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