Benefits Of Doing Yoga Outdoor(2023)

Benefits of doing yoga outdoors

Running outdoors with poor air quality might be a concern for runners. The same way, the air pollution might discourage you to take your yoga mat outside and perform asanas. But Dr Mehta says you can still reap the benefits of doing yoga outdoors.

1. Doing yoga outside energises you

When you do yoga outside, you get exposed to sunshine that helps to energise you. According to the expert, the sunshine lights you up and gives you a lot of illumination. The richness of elements and the relatively fresh air keep you highly energised and keep your enthusiasm very high.

2. In sync with universal rhythm

It will be difficult to find a spot full of greenery in major cities, but try to find a place which is relatively greener. In the lap of nature, when you do postures emulating nature, your unit rhythm gets synchronised with the universal rhythm.

3. Strengthens your lungs

The health benefits of yoga can’t be underestimated. And doing yoga outside means inhaling better-quality oxygen. With better oxygen, you will inhale and exhale more air. This in turn will improve your heart’s performance.

4. Good dose of vitamin D

We know that vitamin D is needed for healthy bones. There are ways to increase vitamin D level quickly. It turns out, exposing yourself to the sun is one of the best ways to get a good dose of vitamin D. You will get tons of it if you do yoga outside.

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