Benefits Of Body Weight Training(2023)

Here are some benefits that you can get from bodyweight training:

1. Improved strength:

For someone who is new to bodyweight training, it can be challenging at first. But not to worry as with regular practice, the body adapts to the whole regime. You can start by doing mobility drills before starting your workout. It will help your body to warm up and avoid injury risk.

Squats are also a great exercise for the legs as it helps in strengthening your leg muscles. As legs are the foundation of our body, it is important that we focus and work on them. Mix it up with lunges and push-ups and you can do a nice upper and lower body workout simultaneously. For your information, push-ups work on your chest, triceps and core muscles and are a great upper body exercise.

Squats are effective. 

2. Mix it with cardio and strength training:

Cardio training is equally important for the body and it should be prioritized. It can be done simultaneously with strength training. Just mix it up with some burpees and jump rope workout in between your push-ups and squats. This way, you have a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session. A 20-minute HIIT training can work wonders for your body and is less time consuming for busy people. These training circuits not only target the cardio system, but also helps in improving the strength and endurance of an individual.

Cardio and bodyweight training work well together. 

3. A full body workout:

Another good thing about bodyweight workout is that it helps in burning a lot of calories as it’s a full body workout. A good session of bodyweight training can work on all muscles of your body. Squats, lunges and calf raises are great exercises for your leg muscles. Whereas, the push-up works on your chest, triceps and shoulders. Pull-ups work well on your back muscles and biceps. A combination of all these exercises helps in building overall strength and prepares a person for their daily tasks.

Bodyweight training can be fun when you do it on a regular basis. It has a lot of benefits to offer and can help you reach your fitness goals without going to the gym.

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