Been Feeling Stuck At Work? 4 Ways To Motivate Yourself In 2023


  1. Go back to why you started

It’s so easy to forget why you started in the first place, when you’re feeling low. So, take out your journal or just a piece of paper and write about how you felt, when you started working. Detail out your aspirations, plans and goals along with how things have turned out. Remind yourself of your achievements and how you picked yourself up, when things didn’t go your way. It will serve to remind you of why you started, and how you’ve been resilient through it all.

  1. Make task lists

If it feels difficult to get through each day, try making task lists which can be completed. It can include your time schedule, due dates and the level of priority of each task. Ticking off each task, no matter how big or small, will give you some much-needed motivation and help you get your mojo back. Make sure the task list for each day is doable, or else the task list can actually end up adding to your stress levels.

It’s time to get a new lease on life with these tips.
Ensure you’re not going through burnout

When you’re overworked and under constant stress, it means you’re going through a burnout. One of the most prominent signs of feeling burnt out is being demotivated. Hence, ensure you’re not working under stress. If you are, take a little break in order to recuperate and you will be able to get back to work, feeling much more motivated.

  1. Embrace the ebb and flow of professional life

You have to acknowledge the fact that your career will go through its ups and downs. At times, you will have a streak of achievements that will boost your motivation levels, but there will be times where you’ll experience a lull. It’s a part of any career cycle, and you will have to embrace it to boost your resilience.

You’re your own cheerleader and need to keep yourself motivated to achieve the success you’ve been working so hard for!

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