Be Kind To Yourself! 5 Valuable Tips To Be Kind To Yourself(2023)

Tips to be kind to yourself

When we say that you must learn to be kind to yourself, it doesn’t imply something fancy. It takes wisdom and maturity to understand that kindness is in the little things like treating yourself to a cup of ice cream for doing something you never thought you would.

Don’t forget to love yourself! 

Here are some other expert-suggested ways through which you can show kindness towards yourself.

1. Spend some time with yourself

Replace that FOMO (fear of missing out) feeling with JOMO (joy of missing out). Try not going on that night out to spend cozy time with yourself instead. Dr Kapoor adds, “Make it a habit to carve out some time for yourself and do something that brings you joy. Giving yourself some ‘me time’ each day is essential for a healthy body and mind.” Check out some of these me-time activities for your mental health.

2. Give yourself recognition

It takes courage and high character to have an open heart that commemorates the achievements of others. However, we should give ourselves that pat on the back for even the smallest of successes. “Often, we are quick to acknowledge the achievements of others, but we never acknowledge our own. Be aware of your achievements and relish them,” says Dr Kapoor.

3. Forgive yourself

We all mess up in our lives, and that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean we have to punish ourselves for our mistakes or shortcomings. Instead, gather the guts to forgive your mistakes and learn from them to rise higher in life. Learn from your mistakes, and move on.

Be proud of what you do. 

4. Take good care of yourself

One of the best ways to practice self-love is by taking good care of yourself. Value and respect your mind and body enough that you enjoy doing things that honour you. Try to get enough sleep, eat fruits and vegetables, exercise daily, and practice mindfulness everyday.

5. Respect yourself

It takes years to learn how to respect oneself. Preserve your precious energy and time for good things, and do your bit to become a little wiser than you were yesterday. Shed self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns to grow and become better because you respect yourself. “Always value yourself for who you are, and stop letting yourself from stopping you to do things that are for your highest good,” asserts Dr Kapoor.

With these little, but significant ways, you can surely learn how to be kind to yourself. That will bring a huge difference to your perspective in life.

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