Basic Health Reasons Why You Should Opt For 30-Day Plank Challenge In 2023

Why should you opt for this 50-day plank challenge?

1. Every fitness routine demands two things – strong core and stronger arms. Do we need to say something else?
2. It has dual impact – it helps you lose weight and build muscle as well.
3. Without a doubt you will save a hell lot of time.
4. You don’t need any equipment and there is no need to hit the gym.
5. It will improve your overall posture.
6. It works on your entire body.
7. It tightens up your body.
8. It reduces back ache.
9. It will shape up your butts.

What you should keep in mind while doing a plank?

1. Don’t do it on a slippery surface.
2. Use a mat for better grip.
3. Don’t hold your breath.
4. If you feel cramp then release the plank and stretch a little.
5. Keep your neck straight.
6. Don’t hunch your back. It should be parallel to the ground.
7. Keep your butt out.

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