Banana: 3 Keys In Which Banana Helps In Dealing With Diarrhea(2023)

1. It has prebiotic effects

We all know the importance of prebiotics in maintianing good gut health. Turns out, bananas have prebiotic properties. “The unripe or green banana contains high resistance starch which has prebiotic effects. This prebiotic effect contributes to the growth of good bacteria which keeps your gut healthy,” says Batra.

Let’s go bananas. 
2. It adds bulk to the stool

During loose motion, all you want is to reduce the frequency of your stool and firm it up. Batra says, “Since bananas are extremely rich in fibre, they help in adding bulk to the stool which results in firmness. This improves your bowel regularity, making bananas the best aide during loose motions.”

What’s more, bananas have a high pectin content which helps absorb the excess liquid in your intestines. This can result in your stool becoming firm, reducing the duration of diarrhoea.

3. It helps restore energy

Running to your washroom frequently can result in extreme exhaustion. Loose motion can leave you feeling dehydrated. Hence, you need something hydrating and filling that can provide you with energy without being too harsh on your digestive system.

Batra says, “Bananas are very easy to digest which helps your body restore energy and fight the exhaustion. Moreover, banana is a rich source of potassium which can help replace the lost electrolytes. Also, read:

“Raw banana with curd works well as a remedy for diarrhoea. The prebiotics help restore the good gut environment. You can also have bananas as a fruit twice a day to ease the symptoms,” advises Batra

So, ladies, stock up on bananas the next time you’re suffering from the loosies!

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