Balance Training: 3 Exercise To Improve Balance And Stability(2023)


Benefits of balance training

Balance and stability training calls for a lot of core activation and focus. They will not only aid in your balance maintenance and improvement, but they will also give you more self-assurance. In fact, balance exercises are crucial for older adults since they can lower their risk of injury and help them avoid falls. But don’t think that these movements are only for elderly people; balance is a daily part of all we do.

You may move more easily and steadily by improving your balance, which also improves your coordination and strength. Additionally, this will improve stability, mobility, and flexibility, making it simpler to carry out daily tasks.

3 Exercises for improving balance and stability:

1. Standing on a single leg on a bosu ball

Your hip flexors and quadriceps will be put to the test by this. By engaging your glutes on fire, your core muscles, and the muscles surrounding your ankles, it also increases stability.

Get your act right with a BOSU ball. 

Here’s how to perform:

  • Set the BOSU ball down on the floor.
  • Use your right foot to step on the centre ball.
  • Your left knee should be raised a little bit.
  • After maintaining equilibrium for the predetermined period of time, switch feet.

2. Single leg skipping

If many of you are already practicing two-legged jumping rope exercises, switching to one-legged moves shouldn’t be difficult. The best workout for enhancing balance and shedding pounds is skipping.

Skipping is one of the simplest and most result-oriented exercises EVER. 

Here’s how to perform:

  • Perform a single-leg hop over the rope while bending your right knee and lifting your right foot behind you.
  • To lessen the force on your left knee, try to land on the ball of your left foot.
    Hop with the same number on each leg.
  • For each jump, double spin the rope as your power increases.
  • Add side-to-side hops and single-leg jumps over the rope going forward and backward to change directions.
  • Alternately, leap forward with your right foot toward the room’s front right corner, then diagonally to the back left corner.

3. Standing on a pillow on a single leg

Standing on a pillow on a single leg is an exercise used to help improve the balance ability of the legs (knee, ankle, and hips).

You’ll be able to improve your balance with this exercise. 

Here’s how to perform:

  • With your toes pointed forward, stand close to a pillow and a chair.
  • If you need support or balance, place one finger on a chair’s backrest.
  • Keep the chin tucked, the blades set, and the core set.
  • Exhale, put one foot on the pillow, then raise the other leg off the ground.
  • Hold on while keeping the balance.
  • Inhale deeply. Leg lowered to the ground. Repeat.

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