Bad Combinations With Rose Water You Should Avoid In 2023

Bad combinations with rose water You Should Avoid

Rose water is very mild on the skin. It doesn’t really do much harm because it doesn’t alter the potential hydrogen (pH), which refers to the acidity levels of skin. But it can upset your skin if you mix it with the following ingredients:

1. Rose water with essential oil

Dr Sharad says that she often sees people using rose water with essential oil. It may work for some, but if you are allergic to fragrance or if you have asthma, atopic dermatits, your skin may react. So, avoid using rose water with essential oils.

Rose water with witch hazel can leave your skin dry. 

2. Rose water with witch hazel

Witch hazel is a natural astringent, but the expert says when you combine it with rose water, it can at times, cause more dryness or skin irritation.

3. Rose water with baking soda

Baking soda is known for being a natural antiseptic and having antibacterial properties. If you apply it topically, it might help to reduce bacteria that is giving you acne problem. But do not use rose water with baking soda because that will alter the pH of your skin and make the skin more dry and sensitive.

4. Rose water with vinegar

Vinegar helps to lighten and prevent blemishes and acne, but using it with rose water means the pH of your skin getting altered.

5. Rose water with lemon juice

Lemon juice, rich in vitamin C is sometimes used in acne treatment. Dr Sharad says avoid using rose water with lime or lemon juice because this combination will disrupt the skin barrier by altering the pH of your skin.

Rose water in itself is great for skin, but try not to come up with your own home remedies. They might harm your skin more instead of leaving with glowing skin.

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