Attraction’s Telltale Signs That It’s Time To Act

Some of the most intense attraction signs of all are physical – the ones we don’t even realize we’re doing. Below, we’ve laid out eight of the top ones that you should be on the lookout for!

1. They blush

It sounds cliché, but it’s true. When we’re in the presence of someone we’re attracted to, we tend to feel excited, and this rush of adrenaline shows in our face, as it flushes with blood.

2. Their pupils dilate

Feeling excitement and attraction also releases the hormone oxytocin. This is often referred to as  the as it’s primarily responsible for our feelings of love. When oxytocin is released, our pupils grow. Just double-check whether you’re sitting in a dark place before you take this as a surefire sign!

3. The pitch and tone of their voice changes

One of the most powerful signs of male attraction is when a man deepens his voice. Conversely, women take on a slightly higher pitch when talking to somebody they’re interested in. Altering our tones in this way may subconsciously help us to stand out from our surroundings and other conversations.

4. Their skin is glowing

Now, if their skin is phosphorescent you might want to refer them to a dermatologist. But, a subtle shine to their visage is a sign they’re into you. When we’re attracted to someone, our pores open to secrete oil, thereby releasing pheromones. When this happens, our skin looks shinier. Kind of gross, kind of sweet.

5. Their body language is open and inviting

Typical signs of closed-off body language would be folded arms, crossed legs, and generally taking up a smaller space. Open, inviting, and flirty body language is a strong sign that the person is really into you.

6. They’re facing you

Perhaps a slightly obvious one, but worth mentioning anyway. If their pelvis/stomach (behavioral experts argue as to which) is angled towards you, it’s a sign they’re into you and giving you their full attention.

Conversely, if you’re sitting facing them but they’re sitting side on facing outwards and checking out the waiting staff, it’s probably not a great sign.

7. They’re mirroring you

When it comes to intense signs of attraction, this is a pretty common one. When we like someone, we eventually begin, subconsciously, to mirror their movements. This might be the way someone is sitting, their gestures when talking, or small mannerisms like playing with their hair.

8. They’re leaning in close

Again, this isn’t always an easy one to spot. If your date and/or the object of your affections is leaning in when you’re talking, it’s a sign they’re fully invested in the conversation and are subconsciously positioning themselves closer to you.

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