Artificial Sweeteners: 4 Health Reasons Why You Should Take Artificial Sweeteners With Caution(2023)

Here are 4 reasons to use artificial sweeteners with caution:

1. Causes weight gain

We frequently choose artificial sweeteners since we’ve always been told that they won’t affect our weight, but this is untrue. The usage of artificial sweeteners, especially in diet drinks, has been linked to increased weight gain and belly fat over time. Obviously, this does not imply that you should switch to refined sugar. Instead, make an effort to consume less sugar overall, whether it is refined sugar or artificial sugar, both can affect your weight.

2. Increased sugar cravings

Artificial sweeteners may prevent us from associating sweetness with calorie intake. As a result, we could have increased cravings for sweets, a propensity to select sweet foods over healthy ones, and to put on weight. A 2017 study cited by the National Center of Biotechnology Information says artificial sweeteners lead to decreased satiety, and are associated with increased caloric consumption and weight gain.

Also if you think you can stop drinking diet soda whenever you like, do not assume. Studies conducted on animals indicate that artificial sweeteners might be so addictive that it can make you crave more for sugar.

You may end up spiking your sugar cravings. 

3. Increased risk of diabetes

When these artificial sweeteners are consumed, the pancreas releases insulin, which the body interprets as glucose (due to their sweet taste).
Excess consumption of artificial sweetening agents, as per studies, may lead to higher insulin resistance.

4. Affects your gut health

We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy mix of gut bacteria for general health. As per various studies, consuming too much of artificial sweeteners may disrupt the balance of your good bacteria, thereby affecting gut health.

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