An Independent Woman; 8 Things You Would Never Do In 2023


1. She isn’t scared of making her own decisions.
She isn’t concerned about putting her needs and judgment first when making decisions. She doesn’t feel the need to diminish her decision-making power to appease someone else.

When she has a problem, she confidently chooses a course of action to fix it.

She doesn’t sit around, waiting for someone to make a decision for her. She is aware of what needs to be done and she does it.

2. She doesn’t wait for things to find her.
If she wants money, she gets a job. If she wants a family, she makes one. If she wants a partner, she finds one.

She doesn’t wait around for someone to rescue her or tell her what to do. She knows what to do and does it. She is proactive, not reactive.

3. She isn’t afraid to do things alone.
If she wants to see a movie but doesn’t have anyone to go with her, she is comfortable enough to go alone.

She doesn’t need to wait for someone to come along and hold her hand while doing the things she wants to do.

She enjoys the company of others, but she doesn’t depend on them to define her actions.

4. She doesn’t engage in negative self-talk.
She has enough respect for herself that she knows she is deserving and worthy. She doesn’t wallow in self-recriminations or self-pity.

As a strong woman, she reminds herself of the positive attributes she possesses and can share with the world. During challenging times, she turns her focus to gratitude and optimism.

She recognizes her weaknesses but views them as opportunities for growth. She talks to herself like she would talk to her best friend — with compassion and kindness.

5. She doesn’t wait for permission.
If she wants to do something, she doesn’t wait for someone to tell her that she is allowed to do it. She makes well-considered choices that support her independence and inner strength.

She makes her own decisions with confidence and does not need to consult a partner or a parent to know what is in her best interest.

But she is smart enough to know when to communicate and compromise with the important people in her life about decisions that might affect them.

6. She doesn’t complain.
She knows that sitting around and complaining is a waste of time.

Instead of doing this, she is proactive and takes the necessary steps to fix the issue at hand.

She knows the problem won’t fix itself. She gets it accomplished and moves on with her life.

7. She doesn’t hold things in.
If she believes someone’s behavior is out of line, she’ll call them out on it.

She has learned how to do this in a way that is firm but respectful and can stand her ground without resorting to passive-aggressive comments or hurtful words.

She isn’t scared to tell people that they are in the wrong even if she risks their displeasure. She can cut to the chase and doesn’t let people get off the hook when they cross her boundaries or act inappropriately.

She definitely doesn’t take the time to beat around the bush because she has other things to do.If she hears somebody making a sexist, racist, or disrespectful remark, she can calmly tell the person that the remark is offensive and not appreciated.

8. She doesn’t need constant validation.
She doesn’t post on social media to count the number of likes she gets, and she doesn’t fish for compliments when she is out with her friends.

She is too busy doing things that matter and has too much respect for herself to need other people to boost up her ego.

She doesn’t go around seeking attention to boost her self-esteem. She already knows she is awesome.

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