Amchur: 5 Reasons Why You Should Add Amchur To Your Diet(2023)


1. It has antimicrobial properties
A study found that using amchur powder in foods helps us imbibe its antimicrobial properties. Antimicrobial foods help in the preservation of foods in a natural method. They are of utmost importance in the prevention and treatment of bacterial and parasitic diseases.

2. It helps with digestion
Using amchur powder in your regular diet is an excellent way of combating digestive issues by regulating bowel movements.

Amchur is the tangy best friend that shall keep our digestive juices flowing. 

Amchur is rich in soluble dietary fibers that inherently aid good digestive health.

3. Amchur is also an anti-diabetic
Astounding as it may be given the sweet tanginess of amchur powder, animal research has suggested that the polyphenols and carotenoids that increase antioxidant enzyme activities. The study concluded that amchur can be used as an ingredient in therapeutic foods for added health benefits.
Another study has also indicated that the use of amchur can aid glucose metabolism, acting as an aid for diabetics.

4. It assists in weight loss
Want to lose a few kilos? Try adding amchur powder in your diet regularly and see wonders happening. With rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, amchur is great for boosting your metabolism and thusmay help in shedding some extra kilos off your body!

5. It is low-calorie and diet-friendly
Want to add a tangy-sweet taste to your food–minus the add sugar? Adding amchur is your best solution as it adds little to no calorific value to your food.

Amchur powder has versatile uses and can be added to soups, chutneys, curries, dals, and more. In fact, those who are on keto or other low-cal diets, amchur can be a great-taste enhancer in smoothies and nutrition bars. You can also add amchur as part of your base or marinade while cooking your favorite chicken and fish recipes. So, include this wonder spice in your diet and enjoy its many health benefits.

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