Amazing Health Benefits Of Kapalbhati You Didn’t Know About(2023)

Benefits of doing Kapalbhati pranayama each day:

  1. This advanced practice of breathing helps to reduce the CO2 levels in the blood, thereby helping to increase the oxygen levels in the body.
  2. This breathing technique involves ‘active exhalation and passive inhalation’, and helps to correct the low blood circulation in the body. It also de-stresses the mind
  3. It increases the capacity of your lungs, and strengthens them.
  4. Kalpalbhati is known to remove toxins and other waste materials from the body.
  5. This breathing technique also increases the pitta, and hence the metabolic rate which is known to support weight loss.
  6. It activates the brain cells, thereby improving memory and concentration power. Plus, it is a trusted technique to relieve anxiety and tension.
  7. It improves the health of your skin and gives you a radiant glow.
  8. Breathing exercises help to cure asthma and sinus.
  9. It improves digestive issues and eliminates all gastric problems. Practising kapalbhati helps to relieve gas, heartburn, and constipation.
  10. Practising this yoga asana can also cure insomnia.
  11. It boosts the production of endorphins, thereby helping to uplift your mood.

Although Kapalbhati has tons of benefits, it can cause certain troubles for some people. Kapoor especially advises to avoid doing Kapalbhati if you’re suffering from high blood pressure.

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