Always Feeling Insecure! 5 Ways To Deal With Insecurity And Stay Gain Confidence(2023)

How To Deal With Insecurity

It’s not easy to fight the demons in your mind that only try to bring you down. However, learning to navigate your way around those insecurities can help take you toward a brighter future.

Self esteem comes from being secure. 

1. Awareness is the key to overcome insecurity

The expert says, “Become aware of where your insecurities stem from. Do they come from past experiences, your years growing up, or something else?”
It is important that you first become aware of the root cause of your feelings. Once you recognise and label them, you will halfway there to success. After identifying them, you will become more rational and will be able to come up with solutions to boost your self-worth.

2. Understand the ways these insecurities make you respond

The next step after becoming aware of what makes you insecure, is to see how these insecurities make you react and respond to people and situations. For instance, you might be insecure about your looks, and that in turn makes you anxious in public places where you think you might attract public attention.

3. Use your strengths to deal with insecurity

“Try to develop an insight into the strengths that you do have in your personality and the abilities you possess,” shares the expert. Every person has his/her own fair share of strengths and weaknesses. During times of low self esteem, use your strengths to your advantage to come out of that whirlpool of negative beliefs or thoughts you get stuck in.

When you feel insecure, regain strength by focussing on your achievements.

4. Remind yourself of your past achievements

Just because you are going through a rough phase in your life, battling feelings of insecurity doesn’t mean that you have done nothing great in your life. Remind yourself of all the achievements you have had to date. That will help you feel empowered and will help pull you out of that dark space.

5. Always trust and believe in yourself and your abilities

Never lose trust and believe in yourself, your values, and your goals even as you are working towards improving yourself. Trusting yourself is essential as only then you’ll be able to have faith that you can achieve the goals of your life.

Now try these easy and effective expert-recommended tips to overcome insecurity – whether it is related to relationships or your career.

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