A Message To The Man Who Breaks A Woman’s Heart

This post is for the man who breaks a woman’s heart. You knew you needed a one night stand, yet you gave her the impression that you were in love. You even went ahead and bought lovely flowers and greeting cards for her.

But why would you raise someone’s hope to dash it in the middle of nowhere? It would have been better for her if you had told her you needed a friend with benefits.

I could have sworn that men like you don’t exist, but I was wrong anyway. Are you so heartless that you don’t even consider how she will feel once she realized that you are a scam?

I thought heartbreaks only happen in Nollywood and Zeeworlds. I never imagined someone as heartless as you existed until you broke my heart to pieces. Without a doubt, I was a victim of your sweet words, nice gestures, and fake kindness.

I never knew that behind your kindness and nice gestures was a chronic player and womanizer. You are so wicked!!!

How could you paint a marriage life scenario to me while you know that I was your fling? You cajoled me into believing that I’m the chosen one whom you will hold close to your arm and spend the rest of your life with.

But why? Did all these lies worth it? How many other girls are victims of your love scam? You have succeeded in instilling natural hatred for men in my heart.

Your actions made me feel unimportant, and you gave me the impression that I’m a worthless fling. You promised me love, affection, and happiness. But after seeing my nakedness, you made me cry my eyes out.

I fell for your romantic words thinking I found happiness. But after taking me to bed, you became a different person. That was when you told me that you had a serious relationship. So, you kept your girlfriend as a special reserve, why treating me as if I’m worthless.

You may think It’s normal, but it’s heartbreaking. I wish you could see the redness in my heart and how I became a shadow of myself when you left. The way you went ahead to break my heart into pieces was barbaric. Sadly, the next man that comes my way will pay for your sin.

All I ever crave for was true love. But you turn everything into a nightmare. I don’t feel safe with men anymore as they remind me of you. I now find men that are kind towards me very irritating.

Since you have taken advantage of my vulnerability, I may never trust any man again. You want to see me cry and miserable because you derive pleasure seeing women in pain.

I just want to know. Why did you lie about everything? What did you gain from it? I was ready to make all our days together magical. Unfortunately, the only magical day was the day you told me you had a serious girlfriend that you are preparing for marriage.

What baffled me most was the fact that you were smiling when you told me about your relationship. Perhaps, you were happy that I was crying when you ended things with me.

I want you to know that I will be fine. I won’t allow the fact that you break my heart defines me.

As for you, I hope that one day you will experience real heartbreak. That’s the day you will feel all my pains.

Lastly, I hope another woman will not fall for your treacherous words and fake love gestures again.

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