9 Ways To Laugh More Easily In Life In 2023

How to laugh more easily

Yes, laughter is the best medicine, and in today’s busy life, it’s essential to take a break and laugh out loud. Here are ways to do it:

1. Spend time with friends and family

Spending quality time with friends and family helps to reduce stress, says Dr Tugnait. Enjoy life’s little moments, and make happy memories with your loved ones. Being around people who you care about and that share your sense of humour can make you laugh, leading to positive physiological changes.

Spending time with loved ones will fill you with happiness and laughter. 

2. Watch comedy shows and movies

Watching good comedy shows or movies can be entertaining and also an effortless way to add more laughter to your life. Laughing at funny characters and their circumstances can help lighten to your mood and reduce stress.

3. Try laughter yoga

Laughter yoga is an exceptional form of exercise that promotes laughter and relaxation. This technique combines laughter with deep breathing and stretching to improve physical and emotional well-being, says the expert. Consider joining a laughter yoga class or do it at home by watching YouTube videos.

4. Read funny books

Reading humorous books, comics, or jokes is a good way to bring laughter into your life. Funny books can also provide a stress-relieving escape from reality.

5. Share funny videos and memes

Nowadays, families and friends are part of mobile messaging apps. So, share funny videos, pictures, and memes with friends and family there. It is a light-hearted way to spread laughter and happiness.

Watching funny instead of toxic content on social media can also elicit laughter. 

6. Attend stand-up comedy shows

Stand-up comedy shows are getting popular, especially in big cities. Such shows are a great way to meet new people and have a good laugh. You can laugh with the audience while appreciating local comedians’ craft.

7. Play games

Playing fun games with co-workers, friends, family, or strangers can bring smiles and laughter. There are many fun board games or you can even check out some of the games online.

8. Spend time with children or pets

Spending time with children or pets can help you laugh more often. Children are frequent sources of funny observations, and pets are natural entertainers. The blend of innocence and playfulness will induce uncontrollable laughter, says the expert.

9. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness allows you to focus on the present moment and enjoy small pleasures. When you focus on the present moment, you often encounter funny moments, leading to laughter.

Do things that make you happy. 

You can even work on your sense of humour. Once you learn to see humour in everyday life, it will decrease the need to have significant events for amusement as the regular day-to-day events become more interesting.

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