8 Tempting Things That Can Weaken Your Immune System In 2023

Immunity is very important to keep diseases at bay. Food plays an important role, so here some foods that may weaken your immune system.

Eating excess of sugary foods can affect your immune system. 

Whether it is with tea, coffee, milkshake or any summer drink, we do like to have a few spoons of sugar every day. These beverages help us to cool down or give us energy to begin our day. But have you ever wondered if the sugar present in these drinks can actually affect our immunity? According to a study published by National Library of Medicine, sugar weakens the immune system as the white blood cells are unable to destroy bad bacteria or virus.

Health Shots consulted Dr Pawan Kumar Goya, Senior consultant – Internal Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Salimar Bagh, New Delhi to know about sugar and other foods that may weaken the immune system.

Sugar may weaken your immune system. 

Foods that may weaken immunity

If you want to be healthy, it is crucial to have a strong immune system. Dr Goyal says it helps us to protect us from infections caused by bacteria, parasites and viruses. A healthy immune system is a must to combat various harmful diseases. An excessive consumption of certain foods can slow down the immune system. Here are some of these foods:

1. Sugar

High sugar intake slows down the action of white blood cells to fight against bacteria and viruses which impairs the function of immune system, says the expert.

2. Processed foods

Processed food is high in sodium content, has unhealthy fat and contains artificial preservatives which lead to chronic inflammation and weakens the immune system.

Too much alcohol can be bad for your immunity.
3. Alcohol

If you have been reaching out for a glass or mug of alcohol every night after work, it’s time to stop it. High level of alcohol consumption can suppress the immune function, leading to infections. It will reduce your body’s ability to fight against infections, says Dr Goyal.

4. Fried foods

Immune function can be affected by the excessive intake of fried foods which results in oxidative stress and chronic inflammation.

5. Trans fats

Fast food and baked food are high in trans-fat which weakens the immune system.

6. High-sodium foods

Foods that contain a high value of sodium can increase the blood pressure and weaken the immune system.

7. Highly refined grains

These are low in nutritional and fibre values which lead to an imbalance in the gut microbia which is important for immune system.

8. Excessive caffeine

High level of caffeine in your body can have a negative impact on sleep patterns, so that affects the immune system.

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