7 Ways To Sneak Exercise Into Your Work Day To Lose Weight In 2023

  1. Try to stretch your body in the morning

    How about stretching your body right after you wake up in the morning? No, we don’t mean intense exercises, but just add a few crunches and push-ups here and there, and you’re good!

  2. Move during lunch hour

    Give yourself some time during lunch hour, you could try to speed walk. Try and eat a healthy meal much before or after your exercise.

  3. Have standing meetings

    It doesn’t matter where you are–you could be in office or at home, but we all know meetings cease to end! So, why not make use of that? Instead of parking yourself on a chair, stand and attend meetings. If it’s a phone call, you could even walk and talk.

    You need to choose the right exercises to lose weight.
  4. Sit on a swiss ball

    We know you think we’ve gone insane, but there’s a reason for us to suggest this. Swap your chair with this ball, because it will help to align your spine. Not to mention, you will have a lot of fun! On average, you can burn 112 to 165 calories per hour, while sitting on the swiss ball.

    5.Use stairs as often as possible

    We are sure you need to go outside for certain errands, right? So, ditch the elevator and take the stairs. Research says that walking up to 200 steps twice a day increases the level of aerobic fitness by 17 percent.

    6.Invisible chair squats

    Stand in front of your chair, and place your hands on your hips. Next, squat down as much as possible without sitting, then slowly go back to the standing position.

    7.Office chair leg extensions

    If your job requires you to sit for long hours, then it’s a good idea to try out leg extensions. Just sit on your chair, keep your back straight and arms on the side. Extend one leg, flex your foot, and raise your leg at a 90-degree angle with your torso. Hold the position, and lower your leg.

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