7 Ways To Detox Your Mind And Feel More Peaceful(2023)


Silence and stillness around you and within yourself allows you to find all the answers that you are looking for outside of yourself. So meditate and pray more. And if you have never done it, start now.

2. Chores

Let’s face it, most of us dislike doing household chores. But have you ever thought of combining housework with mindfulness? Do your daily chores as a way to detox. When doing the dishes, cooking or even cleaning, you can try to be consciousnessly present in the now, instead of thinking of the past or worrying about the future. The more you do it the easier it gets.

Cooking can be really good activity for your mind. 
3. Ego

Become friends with your mind. When we become friends with the ego, we become friends with ourselves. Only when know our strengths and our weaknesses, and then practice radical self-acceptance, we can truly detox our minds and believe that no part of ourselves is the enemy. Name your ego, befriend your ego, and have fun with this self-discovery. A secret to share with you: my ego’s name is Claudia, and she’s so dramatic. And I constantly have to remind her to be more zen.

4. Focus

On your health! Exercise is a super easy way to be in the moment. Whether it is a daily yoga practice, the discipline of practicing martial arts, or simply going for a walk to rejuvenate mental health—know that exercise is the best way to connect with yourself. And when you go out for a walk, don’t forget to hug a tree, smell the roses, walk barefoot on grass if you can—as walking barefoot helps us make a connection to Earth’s energy.

5. Constant gratitude

Giving gratitude for what you have is indeed a powerful ally. So often I look at my dog, who has health problems, and say thank you to him for choosing me as his mommy. This little act of talking to my dog and saying thank you for the lessons helps me move from trauma and difficult health situations and allows me to feel better about my emotions and myself.

Being thankful goes a long way! 
6. Volunteer

Do seva! When we give to others, it allows us to feel full and empowered from within. And everytime you have a bad moment, think of all those who you can serve, that thought in itself can help you change your perspective.

7. Acknowledge your emotions

Know that emotions are never right or wrong, they simply exist. As human beings, we need more than one kind of emotion to function but self-awareness is the key. Remember to seperate yourself from all the emotions, and practice more breathing and acceptance of all of yourself and your emotions. Make that RADICAL choice of self-acceptance.

As the lights go off outside, and the world continues on in chaos and uncertainty—which we simply can’t control—the only thing you can control is who you are and what your purpose in life is. So go within, detox the mind, know yourself in all of your wholeness and find the inner light.

Tune inwards. Trust your feelings. Feel the love.

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