7 Ways Nigerian Couples Can Make Their Marriage Work Again

Getting married is always very exciting in Nigeria. From meeting the bride’s parents, doing the official introduction, to the wedding itself, every aspect of it is beautiful.

But it doesn’t end in the celebration. The real deal is the marriage life. Anybody can get married, but it takes special commitment and patience to stay in a marriage.

Don’t allow anybody to deceive you. There’s no perfect marriage anywhere. Do you know that your marriage may be better than that of your friend, you envy her home? Well, now, you know.

If you want to judge marriage based on what you see on social media, you may be living in a fool’s paradise.

Let me tell you something you should know. Couples who are fond of sharing their marriage details on Social media will only show you the beautiful part.

It’s like an iceberg; they show you what they want you to see. But nobody will show you the ugly part of it: the physical abuse, the cheating, the heartbreak, to mention but a few.

Well, I don’t want to bore you with unnecessary details. Here in this article, I will be sharing with you 10 Ways Nigerian Couples Can Make Their Marriage work again.

It’s no longer a secret that some Nigerian couples are just there to fulfill all righteousness. Their marriage is sinking every day.

They now see each other as strangers. If you are in such a situation, you will be forced to ask yourself, what has changed? Is this not the same person who was always kind and caring?

I don’t know what’s happening in your marriage right now. But whatever it is, it didn’t just happen. It was an unresolved issue that escalated to where you are with yo spouse today. If you want to make your marriage work again, this article is for you.

How You Can Make Your Marriage Work Again

#1. Be More Realistic With Your Expectations

The unrealistic expectation is a canker work that’s eating the flesh of most marriages in Nigeria.

If you want your marriage to work, give up all the fantasies you had about marriage.

Don’t expect to get the best partner; just learn to understand whoever you get married to. It will make things easy for you. And always remember that you can build whatever you want in your marriage.

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#2. Don’t Always Try To Control Your Partner

The more you try to control your partner, the more obstinate they become, and it will affect the love you guys have for each other. Love your partner and let them see things from your perspective. Trust me; they will do what you want without forcing them.

When you try to force a person to become something else, it will eventually hurt your marriage. So, if you want to make your marriage work again, give up on controlling your spouse. Remember, they are soulmates, not your slaves.

#3. Don’t Be Possessive

Possessiveness is a canker work that eats the flesh of most marriages. The earlier you start realizing that you don’t possess your partner, the better for you.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been with your partner or the number of children you have together, never see them as your property. Instead, see them as your partner.

Give them their space and a bit of freedom. Trust me; your relationship will be more beautiful if you stop seeing your partner as your property.

#4. Criticize Less and Appreciate More

There’s something you should know – nobody is perfect. Even if your partner does something wrong, you can correct them with love instead of criticizing them.

Furthermore, try to praise your partner for the little things they do. It will make them feel appreciated and want to do more. Trust me; nobody wants a nagging partner. It irritates more than feces.

#5. Don’t Try To Change Your Partner

Anything you couldn’t change about your partner during courtship, the chances of you being able to fix it in marriage are slim. If you focus on improving your partner at all costs, it will only cause serious issues in your marriage.

I don’t know if anybody has told you this before, let me repeat it here. Marriage isn’t about changing one another, instead, it’s about love, caring, and supporting each other.

If you give up the urge to change your partner and focus on growing and improving together, your marriage will be beautiful.

#6. Free Your Mind and Don’t Be Too Jealous

Jealousy is often due to insecurity. Once you let go of your insecurity and low self-esteem, your over jealous behavior will be put in check. Trust me; if you give up jealousy in your marriage, it will become rejuvenated with love. Do you doubt me? Give it a try.

#7. Know That You Can’t Always Be Right

Most marriages are having issues today because both partners are always right. But you fail to understand that you are not in competition with your spouse. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong in an argument; what matters is your willingness to make things work.

If you can apply these things in your marriage, you can make it work again. Remember, marital problems don’t start overnight. It’s usually due to some of the issues I mentioned above. But if you can start applying them now, your marriage could be beautiful again.

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