7 Low Impact Workout Plan You Can Try Out In 2023

Here is a wholesome low-impact workout plan that can help you out

1. Walk – This can be on-the-spot walking. You can do five reps for one minute each and take a 15-second break in between each of them.

2. Squats – You really don’t have to go that deep. Do them for 30 seconds and do five sets. Take a break of 10 seconds.

3. Side lunges – Lean as much as you can towards the side. Don’t be shy in taking support. Do at least 15 reps and five sets with each leg.

Try side lunges. 

4. Hip bridge – A minute’s hold is a must, and repeat it after a 15-second break. Do five such sets.

5. Plank – Hold the plank for a minute, and do five sets. Don’t extend your break for more than 15 seconds.

6. Wall push-ups – Since it is a simple way to tone your arms, do as many as you can in a minute. Take a 10-second break and repeat. Do five such sets.

7. Low speed skater – Do it with your timer on for 60 seconds. Take a 15- second break and repeat. You should do three sets of this exercise.

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