7 Impactful Ways To Show Love To Your Husband In 2023


Small gestures can make a big difference, and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Here are some ways to show your husband that you care.

1. Suggest going for a walk in the evening.

Take some time away from your phones and email and reconnect with each other. You can talk about simple things like your day, or you can take this opportunity to have some deeper conversations.

2. Set up a camping trip in your backyard.

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the great outdoors. Before your husband gets home for the day, set up a tent, arrange your cozy sleeping bags, and grab a bottle of wine to make a night of it.

3. Make a video of your wedding night.

Go through all of the video footage that you have from your wedding night and make a montage. This will help him reminisce with you about that special night to rekindle those magical feelings.

4. Plan a surprise party.

Reach out to his family to plan a surprise party for him. It doesn’t necessarily have to be his birthday — maybe there’s another special occasion coming up that you could celebrate like a job promotion or an anniversary.

5. Relive your first date.

Take him back to the place you first went for a date and try to recreate the evening. Talk about everything you remember from that night, and tell each other what you were really thinking during the date.

6. Get him something he has been wanting for a while.

Is there something specific that your husband has wanted for a while but hasn’t gotten around to buying? Buy it for him to show him that you’re paying attention to his wants and needs, and you care enough to take the time to fulfill those for him.

7. Be consciously present.

Make sure to actively listen when he speaks and be consciously present in the moment with your husband. Make an effort to put down your phone and look away from your computer or the TV when your husband speaks to you.

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