7 Helpful Ways On How To Reinvent Yourself In 2023

Do you want to start over in life? If so, here are 10 ways to reinvent yourself and prepare for change:

1. Lean in.

Change is inevitable. Transitions will happen in life with or without your consent. Children leave home. People move. Relationships end. Don’t make it more painful or difficult by resisting the change.

In fact, lean into it. Embrace it. Try to view change as a vital part of your personal growth. Even if you aren’t in a phase of transition right now, mentally prepare yourself for the changes that will come down the road.

2. Expect fear.

Even when we mentally prepare for change, it is perfectly normal to be afraid. Letting go is scary. The unknown creates anxiety. Whether you are starting over with a career, a relationship, or a new home, leaving the comfort of the familiar (even if the familiar isn’t what you need) is daunting.

Be kind to yourself about feeling afraid, but don’t allow fear to stop you. Your fear rarely reflects the truth about the change you’re about to undertake.

3. Take your time.

If you know that a big transition is on the horizon, don’t wait until the last minute to plan and prepare for it. For my upcoming move, I spent over a year decluttering my house and simplifying all of my material possessions.

In fact, I used this experience as the testing ground for the new book I just released with my co-author Steve Scott called 10-Minute Declutter. This preparation allowed me to sort through my possessions and my emotions about moving at a leisurely pace. Now that I’m a week away from moving, virtually everything is done, and I feel ready and relaxed about the move.

4. Allow grief.

Even if you are reinventing yourself for the most exciting reason, you will feel some sadness about letting go of the status quo. Saying goodbye to the old you, a life partner, a job, your children, your friends, your home — whatever it is you’re leaving to be able to begin again — holds a certain amount of pain and sadness.

Don’t stuff down those feelings. Let yourself feel the grief and acknowledge that starting over cleanly requires you to express your feelings.

5. Get excited.

Create a vision for exactly what you want with this new adventure. Now that you’ve decided to start over, be clear about what you are moving toward.

Even if change has been thrust upon you, you don’t have to sit in the back seat and guess at the destination.

Get very clear about what you want and how you’ll get it. When I decided a couple of years ago that I was going to move, I sat down with pen and paper and wrote down exactly what I wanted in a new city and a new home. I recently found that written vision, and I’ve made it happen just as I planned.

6. Get support.

Setting forth on this new adventure of leaving my family home (and the city I’ve lived in almost all of my life) has been much less daunting and a lot more fun with the love and support of Ron.

When you have the support, participation, and blessing of those you care about, you have a lot more courage to take bold action and embrace change. If you don’t have a support person in your life, then find a coach or counselor who can help you navigate your reinvention.

7. Communicate well.

The people around you will be impacted by the changes you are making. Some people will be happy for you and support you on your journey. Others in your life may be intimidated, fearful, or even angry about your decision to start over or reinvent yourself.

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