7 Guilt-Free Excuses to Cut a Bad Date Short

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Some dates are fantastic and make your day beautiful. But some others are as boring as hell. Mhen! There are instances when you go on a date and discover that it’s a bad one. And when you find yourself in such a situation, a 20-minute date may look like one month to you. 

The question most people often ask is this – What should I do when I find myself on a bad date. Well, the answer is simple, cut it short. So, in this article, I will share with you 7 guilt-free excuses to cut a bad date short. 

Ordinarily, there are several ways to cut a bad date short without stressing yourself. But you have to be sensitive to your date’s feelings. I’m sure you won’t want a situation whereby you are feeling guilty after bluntly walking out of date. 

There are some subtle ways to cut a date short without making him feel bad. That’s what you will learn in this article. 

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#1. Fake an Emergency Call From a Friend

This is one of the oldest tricks to cut a bad date short. It’s a bit simple; all you need to do is to plan with your friend before going on a date. 

Once you notice that the date is becoming too dry and boring, just text him/her a code word. The text is a signal telling your friend to call you.

Immediately your friend calls you, act as if it’s an emergency and apologize for cutting the date short. If possible, promise to reach out to him to reschedule the appointment. With this approach, your date will not feel bad or humiliated. 

#2. Spend Time in The Bathroom

When you discover that the date is boring and he has nothing intelligent to offer in your conversation, you can cut the date short by going to the bathroom. Be polite about it; tell him you are going to use the convenience. 

Spend a reasonable amount of time in there; ensure you go with your phone so that you don’t get bored. After like 5 minutes, come back to the table and tell him that you are going to attend to something at home that needs your attention.

He may want to convince you to stay, but don’t fall for it. You may spend another boring 15 minutes of your life listening to a dry and meaningless conversation from him. 

#3. Intentionally Spill Something on Yourself

If you want everything to look real, you can intentionally spill something on yourself and run off to change alone. It’s one of the best ways to cut a bad date short. Once you spill something on yourself, you will react by saying Oh no! I have to change. Boom, the date is over. It’s as simple as that. 

#4. Tell Him You can’t Stay Outside Too Long

What most guys do during a first date is to impress you. And they will try as much as possible to buy enough time to make you fall for them.

 However, when you think the date is becoming boring and bad, you can cut it short immediately without feeling guilty. All you have to do is to tell him that you can’t stay outside too late because you have an early morning engagement the next day. With this approach, you can quietly cut a date short without stress. 

#5. Be Sincere About How You Feel About Them

Most times, it’s advisable to let your date know how you feel about them. Some people may think it’s blunt, but it’s better to stop it before it starts instead of giving him false hope. 

Of course, he may feel bad, but you will not be guilty of not telling him the truth. That’s the beauty of being sincere about how you feel from the onset. Again, he may want to convince otherwise, but don’t give room for that. 

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#6. Talk Bad About the Political Party He Likes

This is bad, but it’s the best way of pissing him off indirectly. Once you notice that you guys can’t work out, you can start talking bad against his political party. It’s the easiest way to make him leave the table angrily. 

#7. Fake Falling Asleep at the Table

Oops! This is one of the rudest ways to cut a bad date short. It’s advisable not to use this method if you have an iota of feelings for your date. But if you think nothing can happen between you guys and the date is already boring. It’s simple, try to doze off at the table. 

Once he talks to you about sleeping off, tell him you had a late night and you want to go home and rest. With this approach, he won’t even attempt to convince you to stay. After all, he saw you dozing off during the date. 

There you go! These are the guilt-free excuses to cut a bad date short. With these tips, you can easily cut a date short once you sense it’s boring. 

However, don’t use any of these tips on someone you have been seriously crushing on. It could ruin your chances of being with him. 

Lastly, always do your due diligence before going on a date with any guy, especially if he’s someone you met online. 

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